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ICSE 2018 - ReVision: A Tool for History-based Model Repair Recommendations

Christopher Pietsch, Manuel Ohrndorf, Udo Kelter
Software Engineering Group
University of Siegen
{cpietsch, mohrndorf, kelter}@informatik.uni-siegen.de
Timo Kehrer
Department of Computer Science
Humboldt-University of Berlin


Models in Model-Drive nEngineering are heavily edited in all stages of software development and can become temporarily inconsistent. In general, there are many alternatives to fix an inconsistency, the actual choice is left to the discretion of the developer. Model repair tools should support developers by proposing a short list of repair alternatives. Such recommendations will be only accepted in prac- tice if the generated proposals are plausible and understandable. Current approaches, which mostly focus on fully automatic, non- interactive model repairs, fail in meeting these requirements. This paper proposes a new approach to generate repair proposals which is based on the assumption that inconsistencies are introduced by incomplete editing processes which can be located in the version history of a model. Such an incomplete editing process is either undone or it is extended to a full execution of a consistency-preserving edit operation. We showcase the usage and benefits of our repair tool ReVision using a simplified multi-view UML model of a video on demand system.


Repair Examples

In this section we give some minimal examples of model inconsistencies and their repairs collected from literature.

Edit Rules

*Requires Eclipse and Henshin to display the edit rule:
  • Eclipse Download: Eclipse Oxygen Modeling Tools (Includes the Eclipse Modeling Framework)
  • Henshin Update Site: http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/emft/henshin/updates/release

Example Project

Download and Installation

Eclipse Platform (It is recommended to download a fresh copy.):

A ReVision release including the required projects* can be obtained from the following update site:

  • This version of ReVision is outdated: http://pi.informatik.uni-siegen.de/projects/SiLift/icse2018/updatesite
The newest version of ReVision can be found at:
  • http://pi.informatik.uni-siegen.de/projects/repairvision/updatesite
  • Please install a SVN-Connector for repository integration, e.g.:
  • https://dl.bintray.com/subclipse/releases/subclipse/latest/
*Included Projects
  • SiLift
  • Henshin
  • Papyrus
  • Graphical Modeling Framework
  • SVN-Connector

Quick Introduction