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SiLift for UML and Ecore

SiLift configurations, i.e. edit operation specifications, are currently available for UML class diagrams, UML state machines and Ecore models. For these modeling languages, SiLift is ready to use. Comparsion tool users are provided with a rich UI that allows to interactively examine semantically lifted differences. Depending on the concrete use case, the differences can be studied in different ways.

Semantic Change Sets

Firstly, model differences can be studied in terms of the semantic change sets that group the low-level differences which are derived from a specific matching:

Semantic change sets

Edit Scripts

Other use cases might require to study (and further process) differences on the level of edit scripts (also known as directed deltas or asymmetric differences) including dependencies between operation invocations as well as explicit operation arguments.

Edit Script

Please note that an edit script can be applied to another model as patch. This principle can also be applied to update workspace copies of models in distributed development scenarios, as shown in the demonstration presented at ASE 2014.