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High-level Differencing of Textual Models


A SiLift release including a facility for the high-level differencing of textual Xtext models is available for the Eclipse IDE. It can be obtained from the following Update Site:

Please make sure that the SiLift features Xtext Integration and SWML Domain Adaptation will be installed, too.

Installation Requirements

Simple Web Modeling Language (SWML) Example

The running example of the paper can be downloaded here: Example project. It can be imported as Eclipse Project and should be copied into the Workspace.

Please select the example swml models, right-click and select SiLift > Compare with each other from the upcoming context menu. The following dialogues are self-explaining, more information can be found in the SiLift user's guide (you can keep the default settings for this example).

If everything works properly, the result of the comparison should be presented in the SiLift difference presentation GUI (s. screenshot below).