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SiLift: Semantic Lifting of Model Differences


Model comparsion tools must compare models in a technology-dependent runtime representation and will initially derive low-level changes, which can differ considerably from user-level editing commands. These low-level differences are often incomprehensible and should be semantically lifted to the level of editing operations.

The SiLift Approach

A promising approach to overcome this problem is to tightly integrate model differencing with model editing. Edit operations have shown to form adequate building blocks for an easier understanding of complex model changes.

SiLift provides a rule-based implementation of this approach: Low-level differences are represented based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework. They are transformed into representations of editing operations using the rule-based model transformation engine EMF Henshin. The necessary transformation rules are automatically derived from basic transformation rules for the editing operations.

Project Objective

SiLift is developed in terms of the MOCA research project which is part of the DFG Priority Programme 1593 (SPP 1593). The objective of the MOCA project is to lift model versioning from the abstraction level of low-level model changes to the level of high-level changes based on edit operations. All concepts that are developed within the MOCA project will be implemented by the SiLift tool environment.


If you are interested in this project, please concact Timo Kehrer.

SiLift Poster

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MOCA Project