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ICSM 2011 Download

The SiLift version of ICSM2011 can be obtained from the following Update Site:

Installation Requirements

  • The SiLift generic core needs EMF (Core) in version 2.7.2 or higher and EMF Henshin in version 0.8.1 (please note that Henshin versions 0.9.x are not yet supported).
  • If EMFCompare shall be used as generic matching engine, this requires EMF Compare SDK to be installed in version 1.2.2
  • In order to inspect the provided UML2 examples, UML2 SDK (version 3.2.1) and Papyrus (version 0.8.2) are required.
  • We recommend to download and use the Eclipse Modeling Tools (Indigo Service Release 2) as basic Eclipse installation.

Currently Supported Modeling Languages

SiLift supports any EMF-based modeling langauge for which the available edit operations are implemented using EMF Henshin transformation rules. Currently, the computation of semantically lifted differences for Eclipse UML2 models and Ecore models are supported.

In case of Ecore, the complete set of atomic edit operations and several advanced operations are implemented. The respective Henshin rules are contained in the following plug-ins:

  • org.sidiff.ecore.editrules.atomic
  • org.sidiff.ecore.editrules.advanced
  • org.sidiff.ecore.recognitionrules.atomic
  • org.sidiff.ecore.recognitionrules.advanced

In case of UML2, a subset of the atomic edit operations which are commonly used to edit class diagrams are supported. Additionally, we have already implemented a small set of well-known refactoring operations. The respective Henshin rules are contained in the following plug-ins:

  • org.sidiff.uml2.editrules.atomic
  • org.sidiff.uml2.editrules.complex
  • org.sidiff.uml2.recognitionrules.atomic
  • org.sidiff.uml2.recognitionrules.complex


Basic examples containing semantically lifted differences are contained in the following plug-ins:

  • org.sidiff.ecore.examples
  • org.sidiff.uml2.examples


This version of SiLift is outdated!

The newest version and downloads concerning SiLift can be found at Download.