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FASE 2017 - Change-preserving model repair

Gabriele Taentzer1, Manuel Ohrndorf2, Yngve Lamo3, Adrian Rutle3

1 Philipps-Universitšt Marburg, Germany,
2 Universitšt Siegen, Germany
3 Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
{ Yngve.Lamo, Adrian.Rutle }@hvl.no

A first prototype implementation of change-preserving model repair is available. It is based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and supports the following activities: (1) comparison of model versions, (2) recognition of performed edit operations and (3) provision of concrete repair steps.

CPO Repair Tool

CPO Repair Tool

CPO Repair Tool

Tool Installation

  • Download the Eclipse Modeling Tools:
  • Install the CPO Repair Tool: (update-site)
    • Help > Install New Software > Add
    • Location: http://pi.informatik.uni-siegen.de/projects/SiLift/fase2017/updatesite/
    • Select the CPO Model Repair feature.
    • Follow the installation dialog and restart Eclipse.
  • (optional) Install Papyrus: (update-site)
    • Help > Install New Software > Add
    • Location: http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/mdt/papyrus/updates/releases/neon
    • Select the Papyrus/Papyrus UML feature.
    • Follow the installation dialog and restart Eclipse.
  • Download and import the examples:

Tool Quick Introduction

  • Open the repair view: Window > Show View > Others > Model Repair > Model Repair
  • Navigate to an example in the Package Explorer: /org.sidiff.consistency.examples/examples
  • Drag'n'drop the *.henshin CPO- and Sub-Rules (EO) and the *.uml model files into the correspondingly annotated boxes.
    • (Papyrus containers from the project explorer also work.)
  • Click on the bulb icon to calculate all repairs.
  • Open the *.uml model or *.di diagram and select a repair to highlight the involved model elements.
  • Select a repair and click on the wrench icon to apply the repair to the actual model.
    • The repair will be saved (directly) to the model file.
    • (Therefore, it is recommended to create a copy of the model.)
  • Click the undo button to revert the repair.
  • Click on the clear button to have look at another example.
    • Or drag'n'drop the files somewhere out of the boxes.

Examples and Case Study