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SiLift is available as feature for the Eclipse IDE. It can be obtained from the following Update Site:

Installation Requirements

  • The SiLift Framework is based on the Eclipse Modeling Tools, which deploys all needed core plugins.
  • SiLift makes use of EMF Henshin (at least version 1.2.0), which can be obtained from this UpdateSite or via Eclipse Marketplace.
  • Optional: SiLift can also be extended by individual matchers using the Epsilon Comparison Language and Engine, which can be obtained from the Eclipse Marketplace.
  • Optional: SiLift also supports high-level differencing of textual Xtext models. Therefore, the Xtext Language Engineering Framework (version 2.8.3 or higher) has to be installed via the Eclipse Marketplace.

Currently Supported Modeling Languages

SiLift supports any EMF-based modeling language for which the available edit operations are implemented using EMF Henshin transformation rules.

In the current release, the computation of semantically lifted differences for Ecore models are supported, whereas the complete set of atomic edit operations and several advanced operations are implemented.

Please note: In order to support older Ecore diagrams the Ecore Tools 1.x (Legacy) have to be installed, which can be obtained here. Just extract the files into the dropins folder of Eclipse.

All Ecore models can be used as example input for SiLift, the following link provides an example project for testing purposes:
Example project