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SiLift-based Framework for Analyzing Model Co-Evolution


The following figure gives an overview of our proposed model co-evolution process. A download option for the co-evolution analysis framework is offered below the figure.
Overview of the overall co-evolution process



The SiLift version which is required by the analysis framework can be obtained from the SiLift Download Section which contains an Eclipse update site and lists additional installation requirements.

Analysis Framework

The eclipse project which prototypically implements the proposed analysis framework is provided as the following ZIP archive:

Note that ensuremoca.evolution.analysis provides several OSGi launch configurations to run the differencing and the statistical analysis on your testdata. In order to study the set of required configuration parameters, we kindly refer to the following example projects.

Adaption to SA and FT models

The following list of Eclipse Plug-In projects is required to run the analysis framework for SA (Software Architecture) and FT (Fault Tree) models.

SA and FT meta-models:

Framework adaption to SA/FT:

SiLift configurations for SA models:

SiLift configurations for FT models:

Test Data (SA/FT Co-evolution History)

A sample history of co-evolving SA and FT models from a larger case study on an evolving laboratory plant called Pick and Place Unit (PPU) can be found at the ENSURE project page. Please download the PPU instance models in EMF (EnsurePPUmodels.rar)