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The workshop was cancelled due to an insufficient number of submissions.
International Workshop on
Comparison and Versioning of Software Models (CVSM 2015)

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2015-06-16: Workshop is cancelled
2015-06-05: Deadline Extension: 15.06.2015
2015-04-22: CfP is online
2015-04-14: Important Dates
2015-01-20: Website is online

Important Dates

2015-06-15: Submission Deadline
2015-06-05: Submission Deadline
2015-06-29: Notification
2015-07-15: Camera-Ready Version

2015-09-01: Workshop Day


  • Workshop Theme and Goals
  • Submission Guideline
  • Programm Committee
  • Organisation
  • Program Committee

  • Workshop Theme and Goals

    The 6th International Workshop Series on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models (CVSM'15) brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of model versioning. It aims at collecting and consolidating experience gained in this technology, at distinguishing unresolved from solved questions, at identifying reasons why questions have remained unsolved, and at identifying new technical challenges which emerged after first practical applications.

    The main topics of the CVSM are model comparison and differencing, model patching and model merging.

    This includes, but is not limited to, subtopics like
    • Algorithms and Concepts
      • comparison of models (algorithms, heuristics, complexity, quality, syntactic vs. semantic differencing)
      • application- / domain-specific differencing
      • (structured) merging and patching of models (conflicts, conflict resolution)
      • meta-models for differences
      • co-evolution of models and meta-models
      • model, schema and ontology matching
      • evolution of software product lines
    • Tooling
      • visual presentation of differences
      • management of model variants
      • architectures for model versioning tools
      • usablity of model versioning tools
      • integration of text- and graph-based tools for differencing and merging
    • Applications and Case Studies
      • requirements on difference tools
      • assessment of existing technologies and tools
      • quality aspects of model versioning and differencing
      • model corpora and model benchmarks
    You can find the Call for Papers here: CVSM 2015 CfP

    Submission Guideline




    Organisation Committee

    • Udo Kelter, University of Siegen
    • Pit Pietsch, University of Siegen (contact)
    • Antonio Cicchetti, Malardalen University
    • Philip Langer, Eclipse Source GmbH

    Program Committee

    • Francis Bordeleau, Ericsson Canada
    • Marsha Chechik, University of Toronto
    • Antonio Cicchetti, Malardalen University
    • Christian Gerth, Universität Paderborn
    • Jan Jürjens, TU Dortmund
    • Gerti Kappel, TU Wien
    • Udo Kelter, University of Siegen
    • Philip Langer, EclipseSource Services GmbH
    • Florian Matthes, Technische Universität München
    • Pit Pietsch, University of Siegen
    • Rick Salay, University of Toronto
    • Ina Schaefer, TU Braunschweig
    • Andy Schürr, TU Darmstadt
    • Harald Störrle, Technical University of Denmark
    • Gabriele Taentzer, University of Marburg
    • Zhenchang Xing, Nanyang Technological University
    • Albert Zündorf, University of Kassel

    Previous Editions

    CVSM'14 @ Software Engineering (SE'14), Kiel, Germany
    CVSM'13 @ Software Engineering (SE'13), Aachen, Germany
    CVSM'12 @ Automated Software Engineering (ASE'12), Essen, Germany
    CVSM'09 @ International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'09), Vancouver, Canada
    CVSM'08 @ International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'08), Leipzig, Germany