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10th International Workshop on Software Measurement
of the German Interest Group on Software Measurement and Evaluation (GI-FG 2.1.10),
the Canadian Interest Group on Metrics (C.I.M.),
and the Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC)
October 4-6, 2000, Conference Center Erkner, Berlin, Germany

Software measurement is one of the key technologies to control or to manage the software development process. The applicability of metrics, the efficiency of metrics programs in industry and the theoretical foundations have been subject of recent research to evaluate and improve modern software development areas such as object-orientation, component-based development, multimedia systems design, reliable telecommunication systems etc. Our recent workshops have been attentive to these concerns. Research initiatives were directed initially to the validation of software metrics and their practical use based on critical analysis of the benefits and weaknesses of software measurement programs. But up to now the application of metrics does still involve the risk of failure. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate further theoretical investigations to improve the engineering foundations in software development and measurement. We are looking for papers in the area of software metrics and software measurement from but not limited to the following areas: Experience reports and controlled experiments, lessons learned from establishing a measurement program in industry (could be successes or failures with post mortems), theoretical background and further practical applications of the Function Point Method metrication of new OO languages, components or methods such as Java, JavaBeans or UML, metrics data bases, repositories and experience factories, software Measurement for Web-based applications, development and use of measurement tools, theory of measurement and its practical implications, methods and systems evaluation of different kinds of embedded, knowledge-based and communication systems.
New ideas, original approaches and fundamental concepts which can and should be discussed are welcome.

Program Committee:
Alain Abran, University of Quebec, Montreal (Canada), Manfred Bundschuh, DASMA (Germany), Jean-Marc Desharnais, CIM Montreal (Canada), Reiner Dumke, University of Magdeburg (Germany), Christof Ebert, Alcatel Antwerp (Belgium), Tracy Hall, South Bank University London (UK), Franz Lehner, University of Regensburg (Germany), Claus Lewerentz, TU Cottbus (Germany), Rini van Solingen, IESE Kaiserslautern (Germany), Andreas Schmietendorf, T-Nova Berlin (Germany), Harry Sneed, SES Munich/Budapest (Hungary), Charles Symons, COSMIC London (UK), Hans van Vliet, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Horst Zuse, TU Berlin (Germany)

Authors should send full papers (max. 12 pages) for a 30 minutes presentation (including discussion) by mail, fax or email by June 16, 2000 to

        Alain Abran         Reiner Dumke
University of Quebec Universität Magdeburg
Dept. of Computer Science Fakultät für Informatik, IVS
C.P.8888, Succ. Centre-Ville Postfach 4120
Montreal, Canada H3C 3P8 D-39016 Magdeburg, Germany
Tel.: +1-514-987-3000 Tel.: +49-391-67-18664
Fax: +1-514-987-8477 Fax: +49-391-67-12812
Email: abran.alain@aquam.ca Email: dumke@ivs.cs.uni-magdeburg.de

For the latest news about the Workshop please see the following Web site: http://ivs.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/sw-eng/us/IWSM2000/

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