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Advance Announcement

International Conference on

Reliable Software


2-6 JUNE 1997


The International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe'97, comprises a three-day technical programme and demonstrations from Tuesday to Thursday, with tutorials on Monday and Friday.

The Conference is sponsored by Ada-Europe, in cooperation with ACM SIGAda. The organisation and logistics are provided by Ada UK.

The Advance Programme includes Tutorial abstracts, details of the Technical papers, fee structure, registration form and hotel booking information.

To receive a copy of the Advance Programme, contact

Ada Europe'97 Conference Administrator
c/o Ada UK, PO Box 322 York, Y01 3GY, UK
Tel: +44 1904 412740
Fax: +44 1904 426702
E-Mail: admin@adauk.org.uk
WWW: http://www.sis.port.ac.uk/adauk/Ada-Europe/Conference/1997/


Monday 2 June:

09.30 - 17.30 (full day):
Mark Gerhardt & Doug Locke: Real-time object oriented architecture

09.30 - 17.30 (full-day):
Mike Feldman: Ada 95 as a foundation language for undergraduate programs

09.30 - 13.00 (half-day):
Tucker Taft: Writing Java -compatible applets in Ada 95

14.00 - 17.30 (half-day):
Yvon Kermarrec & Laurent Pautet: Programming distributed applications
with Ada 95 and an inside  look at the GNATDIST implementation

Friday 6 June: 09.00 - 17.00 (full-day):

Alfred Strohmeier & Thomas Wolf: Object-oriented programming with Ada 95

Magnus Kempe: Elements of software architecture with Ada 95

Ed Colbert: Object-oriented analysis & design for Ada 95 with Colbert's
object-oriented software  development method

Bernard Carre & John Barnes: High Integrity Ada with Spark 95

Note that the following schedule for Technical Sessions is not yet finished

Technical Sessions

Tuesday 3 June:

  9.30:      Keynote Presentation by Robert Dewar

11.00:      ASIS, To understand software complexity

                     Finite unions for Ada 95

                     Ada bindings for C interfaces

                    Development of scripting capabilities for an Ada-based simulator

                    Systematic unit-testing of Ada programs

14.00:      An Ada 95 sort race construction set

                    CBT in teaching Ada

                    The SPIF project

                    Supporting Ada 95 passive partitions in a distributed environment

                    An Ada Library to program fault-tolerant applications

15.50:      Education Panel

                    Semantics-based support tools for high integrity Ada software

                    An alternative toolset for analysis of Ada programs

Wednesday 4 June:

 9.30:       Keynote Presentation by Tucker Taft

11.00:       Implementing application-level sporadic server schedulers in Ada 95

                     Capturing, verifying and implementing performance requirements for
                     hard real-time systems

                     Towards a balance between syntactic constructs and
                     structuring features in formalised OO methods

                     The dangers of inheritance

14.00:      Programming task termination in Ada 95

                    Alias-induced erroneousness can be avoided

                    MARS'96 - Integrating HOOD, Ada and XinAda in a full Ada operational
                    software project

                    Code-data consistency in Ada

15.50:      Managing Evolutionary Development Panel

                    Ada 95 as a base to architect systems in O4S

                    Including specification of non-functional information in Anna/Ada programs

Thursday 5 June:

  9.30:      (Session schedule t.b.a.)

11.00:      T-Smart - Task-safe minimal Ada real-time toolset

                    On programming atomic actions in Ada 95

14.00:      Static analysis and diversity in the software development
                    process - experiences with the use of SPARK

                   Techniques for testing Ada 95

15.50:      t.b.a.

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