Bibliographie IIW, Eintrag [ Sa2005Bibl ]

Sanders, Jo: Bibliography on Gender and Technology in Education;; 2005
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Deskriptoren: iiw, Frauen, Gender, Bibliographie

Abstract: Extrem umfangreiche, kommentierte Bibliographie zum Thema Gender and Technology in der Informatik-Ausbildung; ca. 700 Einträge, bis 2005. Insg 61 Deskriptoren, darunter viele Themen, die vor allem für die USA relevant sind.

Liste der Deskriptoren: Access Adults Advanced Placement Age Aggression Applications Attitudes and expectations Barriers Career factors Classroom interactions Context (social) Counselors Critical mass Cross-cultural Culture (of computing) Curriculum Departmental change Distance education Early work Elementary/primary Enrollments Experience Extracurricular programs Games Graphics Interventions Language and terminology Learning styles Males Mathematics Media Methodology Middle school Outreach Outside U.S. Parents and home Pedagogy Peers and friends Physical safety Pipeline Policy Postsecondary/tertiary Preschool Programming Race, ethnicity, or SES Recruitment Research review Retention Role models and mentors School programs Secondary/high school Single-sex environment Software Statistics Stereotype threat Stereotypes and bias Support groups Teacher education Teachers and faculty Telecommunications Use patterns