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SiPL - Installation

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Instruction


SiPL is realized on top of the Eclipse Modeling technology stack. The current release is built for Eclipse IDE Oxygen 3a and the core features of SiPL make use of the following projects:

Some optional/alternative features of SiPL depends on the following projects:


Download and unzip Eclipse IDE Oxygen 3a Modeling Tools . Start it.

Install EMF Henshin (v1.4.0). Installation instructions for EMF Henshin can be found here.

Open the Install dialog via help > Install New Software... and add the following update site:


The following features are provided:

  • SiPL Framework
    • SiPL - Delta Modeling (mandatory): All core plug-ins of the SiPL Framework.
    • SiPL - Delta Modeling Metrics (optional, extendable): Plug-ins for calculating metrics for a delta modeling project of the SiPL Framework.
    • SiPL - Delta Modeling Refactorings (optional, requires SiPL - Delta Modeling Metrics, extendable): Plug-ins providing refactorings for delta modeling with the SiPL Framework.
    • SiPL - Delta Modeling Visualization (optional): Plug-in providing visualization for a delta modeling project of the SiPL Framework.
    • SiPL - Textual Delta Language(optional): Plug-ins providing a textual delta language for the SiPL Framework.
  • SiPL Domain Problem Space Adapters (extendable)
    • SiPL - Domain Problem Space Adapter for FeatureIDE (optional): Plug-in supporting the translation of a FeatureIDE diagram into a propositional formula used by the SiPL Framework as problem space description.
  • SiPL Domains (extendable)
    • SiPL - Ecore Domain (optional): Ecore domain plug-ins, which enable delta modeling support for *.ecore models.
  • SiPL Formula Adapters (extendable)
    • SiPL - Formula Adapter for Z3Prover (alternative): Plug-in supporting usage of Z3Prover for checking satisfiability of formulas used by the SiPL Framework for feature modeling and application conditions of delta modules. Note, Z3 Theorem Prover isn't available as Eclipse plug-in and must be installed manually.

Simply select all features and follow the instructions of the installation wizard, all dependencies to other projects should be resolved automatically. Restart eclipse.

That's it! Some introductional tutorials for using SiPL can be found here.