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SiDiff for Matlab/Simulink

We have developed configurations of the SiDiff system for Matlab/Simulink diagrams.

The characteristics of Simulink diagrams differ significantly from the characteristics of UML diagram types. While the SiDiff kernel is essentially the same as in the UML configuration, all configuration data and input/output interfaces are special in the Matlab/Simulink version.

MATE Project

The development of an earlier prototype has been partially supported by the project MATE (MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow Analysis and Transformation Environment).

In system developed in this project, SiDiff is packaged in such a way that it can be called from within the Matlab system. A specific GUI has been integrated in Matlab. The GUI requires one has to first select two diagrams which are to be compared. SiDiff then computes a difference between these diagrams and presents a list of local differences (see left part of the next picture). Each item in the list can be selected; then the corresponding parts of the two diagrams are shown in two separate Matlab windows, and the diagram elements which are involved in this local difference are highlighted.

This integration of SiDiff depends on other copyrighted software and is not available publicly.

SiDiff for Matlab/Simulink with XML Output

A standalone version of SiDiff for Matlab/Simulink diagrams is available subject to a licence agreement. This tool takes two mdl files, scannes them, compares the models, and delivers a difference as an XML document. This XML document is further processed to produce a HTML document.

The following two examples have been taken from http://www.engin.umich.edu/class/ctms/; these are slightly different models of DC motor positions:

SiDiff for Matlab/Simulink with HTML-Report Output

In extension, SiDiff for Matlab/Simulink is able to produce an extended HTML report which is a human-readable description of the differences between two mdl files. It furthermore includes generated graphics showing the compared diagrams and showing the changes by highlighting the affected elements.
Obviously, the style of the report including which information is shown in which detail easily can be customized to different requirements.

An example report can be found here.