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ASE 2014

Tool Demonstration (Screencast)

You are kindly invited to watch the screencast below in order to get an overview of SiLift. The example which is only briefly introduced in the ASE2014 tooldemo conference paper is shown and conflicts are interactively resolved.

For a detailed description of the concepts and algorithms that are implemented by SiLift, we refer to the publications section available from the main menu on the left. Below this screencast the required SiLift Tools and the running example can be downloaded for testing purposes.

Please not that the example serving as showcase for the tool demonstration is based on the workspace update scenario being introduced in the PhD thesis P. Brosch: "Conflict Resolution in Model Versioning"; Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems; Vienna University of Technology; 2012;

Screencast Structure: The screencast is structured into 5 parts:

  • Part 0 (00:00 - 00:25 min.): Briefly describes how to check if the SiLift tool environment is installed correctly. Only relevant for users that want to download SiLift and try it out.
  • Part 1 (00:26 - 01:38 min): Introduces the basic concepts used in the workspace update independently of a concrete example.
  • Part 2 (01:39 - 04:00 min.): Briefly describes the workspace update scenario which is subject to the tool demo of Part 3.
  • Part 3 (04:01 - 09:37 min.): Demonstrates how to use the tool by solving the update scenario described in Part 2 by making use of the concept described in Part 1.
  • Part 4 (09:38 - 10:49 min): Wrap-up.
Reviewers who are only interested in a short demonstration of how to use the update function of SiLift are kindly referred to Part 3 (default setting).

If your browser does not support HTML5 or MP4 files, you can also download this video at ase2014-screencast.mp4


Conflict Table

The colex table which has been left out of the ASE2014 paper because of formatting reasons can be found here:


The SiLift version of ASE2014 can be obtained from the following Update Site:

Running Example

  • The running example of the tooldemo and screencast can be downloaded at ase2014_example.zip.
  • It can be imported as Eclipse Project and should be copied into the Workspace.

Installation Requirements