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Xing, Zhenchang; Stroulia, Eleni: The JDEvAn tool suite in support of object-oriented evolutionary development;
p.951-952 in: Companion Volume, ICSE 2008, May 10-18, 2008, Leipzig, Germany; ACM Press; 2008
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Abstract: Object-oriented software is increasingly developed using evolutionary development processes and, as a result, system design has become a continuous activity. Developers have to understand the system design in terms of its evolution history in order to consistently maintain and evolve the system. In this paper, we discuss the JDEvAn tool suite, which supports several activities in the context of the evolutionary development of object-oriented systems. First, it extracts the logical design model of a system from its source code. Second, it computes the differences between the extracted design models of subsequent system versions. Third, it analyzes the differences to recognize interesting change patterns. Fourth, it advises client-application developers on how to adapt their system in the face of API changes of the evolved component framework.