CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ WoKH2008ECAI ]

Wolter, Katharina; Krebs, Thorsten; Hotz, Lothar: A Combined Similarity Measure for Determining Similarity of Model-based and Descriptive Requirements; in: Proc. Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Software Engineering, ECAI 2008 Workshop, Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Software Engineering Workshop, AISEW 2008; 2008
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Deskriptoren: CVSM, model:similarity

Abstract: RSL is a requirements specification language that was developed in the ReDSeeDS project. The language allows requirements specifications using a meta model that defines both model-based and descriptive representations. Model-based representations provide activity and sequence diagrams similar to UML while descriptive representations offer scenarios in constrained language and sentence lists. In this paper we tackle the problem of determining similarity of requirements that use both types of representations. We gargue that in this case a combination of similarity measures is needed. In order to confirm this claim we assess similarity measures from different research areas with respect to their suitability for comparing requirements specifications written in RSL and suggest a concept for a combined similarity measure.