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Westfechtel, Bernhard: Merging of EMF models - Formal foundations; Software & Systems Modeling, October 2012; Springer; 2012
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Deskriptoren: CVSM, merging

Abstract: Inadequate version control for models significantly impedes the application of model-driven software development. In particular, sophisticated support for merging model versions is urgently needed. In this paper, we present a formal approach to both two- and three-way merging of models in the EMF framework. The approach may be applied to instances of arbitrary Ecore models. We specify context-free as well as context-sensitive rules for model merging which both detect and resolve merge conflicts. Based on these rules, a merge algorithm is developed which produces a consistent model from consistent input models. The merge algorithm does neither assume unique object identifiers, nor does it require change logs. In contrast, it relies on matchings among the input models which identify common elements (state-based approach). The requirements imposed on these matchings are reduced to a minimum, e.g., there are no restrictions on the relative positions of matched elements. Altogether, the merge algorithm is widely applicable, preserves consistency, and offers advanced features, such as merging of ordered collections in the presence of arbitrary moves and handling of context-sensitive conflicts which are hard to detect and to resolve.