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Tekinerdogan, Bedir; Er, Ersin: Change Impact Analysis of Model-­Driven Development Systems using Evolution Scenario Templates;
p.111-121 in: Proc. Joint MoDSE-MCCM 2009 Workshop on Models and Evolution, 4-6th October 2009, Denver;; 2009
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Abstract: Model-Driven Software Development aims to support the development and evolution of software intensive systems using the basic concepts of model, metamodel and model transformation. In parallel with the ongoing academic research, MDSD is more and more applied in industrial practices. Like conventional non-MDSD practices, also MDSD systems are subject to changing requirements and have to cope with evolution. In this paper we provide a scenario-based approach for analyzing the impact of changes that apply to model-driven development systems. The approach defines so-called evolution scenario templates that can be used to describe specific evolution scenarios. The impact of each evolution scenario is measured as the required number of so-called evolution transformation patterns that are needed to evolve the system. A case study is used to show different kind of evolution scenarios and the required evolution transformation patterns.