CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ SeS2008IRCSE ]

Sebastiani, Marco; Supiratana, Panon: Tracing the differences on an evolving software model; IRCSE '08: IDT Workshop on Interesting Results in Computer Science and Engineering, Mälardalen University, Sweden; 2008
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Deskriptoren: CVSM, survey

Abstract: Software systems' size is increasing day by day and their intricacy is growing too. Many techniques have been set up as essential way to many model development and management practices. Model driven engineering technologies focus on architecture and corresponding automation yield higher levels of abstraction in software development. With the increasing adoption of model driven engineering the development of versioning mechanisms, to assist the evolution of model-based artifacts, is becoming essential. Actually, it is fundamental that designers are able to comprehend the various kinds of design-level modifications of a system throughout its entire life-cycle. Model differencing is a technique that helps the software engineer to comprehend the design-level evolution of software and also assists the engineer to obtain an accurate view of the quality requirements of a system. In a high-quality software development process the detection of differences between models became essential to assist development practices. Since there are several model differencing techniques, the aim of this paper is to provide a survey over well-known model differentiation algorithms and describe their main features.