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Schwägerl, Felix; Uhrig, Sabrina; Westfechtel, Bernhard: Model-based tool support for consistent three-way merging of EMF models; Proc. ACME '13 Proceedings of the workshop on ACadeMics Tooling with Eclipse; 2013
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Abstract: Inadequate version control has been identified as a major obstacle to the application of model-driven software engineering. In particular, sophisticated support for merging model versions is urgently needed. We present a tool for merging of EMF models which may be applied to instances of arbitrary Ecore models. The tool advances the state of the art by guaranteeing a consistent merge result. Furthermore, it detects and resolves not only context-free, but also context-sensitive conflicts. Our merge tool is model-based; it relies on EMF for its implementation. Initial experiences gained from its application confirm that the merge tool operates both accurately and efficiently.