CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ ScG2008ICSEC ]

Schmidt, Maik; Gloetzner, Tilman: Constructing Difference Tools for Models Using the SiDiff Framework;
p.947-948 in: Companion Volume, ICSE 2008, May 10-18, 2008, Leipzig, Germany; ACM Press; 2008
Deskriptoren: SiDiff, CVSM, PI, model:difference, model:difference:visualization

Abstract: Model-driven development requires a full set of development tools. While technologies for constructing graphical editors, compilers etc. are readily available, there is a lack of approaches for constructing version management tools which compare models and show their difference. The general problem is aggravated by the fact that such tools must consider the semantics of each particular model (or diagram) type, i.e. a whole family of tools needs to be constructed. This research demonstration shows how such families of difference tools can be constructed using the SiDiff framework.