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Schumann, Tim: A Model Repository for Collaborative Modeling with the Jazz Development Platform; Diploma Thesis, Software Technology Group, University of Kaiserslautern; 2008
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Abstract: Today's software development projects have a huge demand for a comprehensive and integrated support in the team-based development of models. Since they typically rely on file-based version control systems like CVS and assume that working with models does not differ from working with code, current solutions solve only a part of the problem. This thesis addresses this gap between what is needed in practice and what is provided by existing tools. Based on the collaboration platform Jazz, a model repository prototype is developed that provides adequate versioning support and leverages the collaboration mechanisms provided by Jazz for concurrent model development. Further, this thesis investigates the shortcomings of code-centric collaboration methods when applied to the development of models. Especially the integration of concurrently developed models turned out to be a complex and collaborative task. The results of this investigation are integrated into the prototype yielding a model repository that supports team-based development to a considerable extent.