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Salay, Rick; Chechik, Marsha; Easterbrook, Steve; Diskin, Zinovy; McCormick, Pete; Nejati, Shiva; Sabetzadeh, Mehrdad; Viriyakattiyaporn, Petcharat: An Eclipse-based Tool Framework For Software Model Management; p.55-59 in: Proc. OOPSLA workshop on eclipse technology eXchange, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; ACM; 2007
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Abstract: Software development involves the use of many models and Eclipse provides an ideal infrastructure for building tools to support the use of models. While there is a large selection of tools available for working with individual models, there is less support for working with collections of models, as for example, when a collection of models from different sources must be merged. We have identified the problem of working with collections of related models in software development as the Software Model Management (SMM) problem - a close cousin of the Model Management problem in the area of metadata management. In the course of building SMM tools to address particular scenarios, we have observed that they share common foundations both at the theoretical and implementation levels. In this paper, we describe the vision and initial development of a framework that implements these common foundations in order to facilitate and accelerate the development of Eclipse-based SMM tools.