CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ RoPB2009DocE ]

Rönnau, Sebastian; Philipp, Geraint; Borghoff, Uwe M.: Efficient Change Control of XML Documents; Proc. DocEng'09, September 16­18, 2009, Munich, Germany; ACM; 2009
Deskriptoren: CVSM, tree:differencing

Abstract: XML-based documents play a major role in modern information architectures and their corresponding workflows. In this context, the ability to identify and represent differences between two versions of a document is essential. Several approaches to finding the differences between XML documents have already been proposed. Typically, they are based on tree-to-tree correction, or sequence alignment. Most of these algorithms, however, are too slow and do not support the subsequent merging of changes.
In this paper, we present a differencing algorithm tailored to ordered XML documents, called DocTreeDiff. It relies on our context-oriented XML versioning model which allows for document merging [21, 20]. An empiric evaluation demonstrates the efficiency of our approach as well as the high quality of the generated deltas.