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Oliveira, Kleinner; Breitman, Karin; Oliveira, Toacy: A Flexible Strategy-Based Model Comparison Approach: Bridging the Syntactic and Semantic Gap; Journal of Universal Computer Science 15:11, p.2225-2253; 2009
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Abstract: In this paper we discuss the importance of model comparison as one of the pillars of model-driven development (MDD). We propose an innovative, flexible, model comparison approach, based on the composition of matching strategies. The proposed approach is fully implemented by a match operator that combines syntactical matching rule, synonym dictionary and typographic similarity strategies to a semantic, ontology-based strategy. Ontologies are semantically richer, have greater power of expression than UML models and can be formally verified for consistency, thus providing more reliability and accuracy to model comparison. The proposed approach is presented in the format of a workflow that provides clear guidance to users and facilitates the inclusion of new matching strategies and evolution.