CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ OhWK2004PI ]

Ohst, Dirk; Welle, Michael; Kelter, Udo: Merging UML Documents; Interner Bericht, Fachgruppe Praktische Informatik, Univ. Siegen; 2004
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Deskriptoren: CVSM, PI, merging

Abstract: This paper presents a concept and tools for merging and visualising differences between versions of graphical software documents such as UML diagrams. We first discuss our strategy in merging diagrams and the kinds of conflicts which may occur. Our basic approach is to use a pre-merged document. It represents a preview of the merged document version, contains all changes of both input documents done only in one input version and offers functions to merge conflicts. One key aspect is the ability to switch between two views of the pre-merged document: (a) displaying only the resulting document after applying the merge decisions and (b) displaying the conflicts in order to have an opportunity to undo decisions. With regard to tool construction, we assume that software documents are modelled in a fine-grained way, that they are stored as syntax trees in XML files or in a repository system and that a version management system is used. We exploit information offered by the version management system to solve a group of conflicts at once.