CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ OhK2002SM ]

Ohst, Dirk; Kelter, Udo: A Fine-grained Version and Configuration Model in Analysis and Design;
p.521-527 in: 18th International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2002), 3-6 October 2002, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; IEEE Computer Society; 2002
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Deskriptoren: HPCTE, design transactions, repository system, CVSM, PI

Abstract: In this paper we present a model of version and configuration management in the early phases of software development and an implementation of this model. We assume that software documents are modeled in a fine-grained way, that they are stored as syntax trees in XML files or a repository system, and that tools directly operate on these syntax trees. In contrast to file-based systems, structural changes in the document, e.g. the shifting of a method between two classes, can be identified in our model. Configurations allow us to manage groups of single modifications; such a group will mostly correspond to a specific design task or a similar activity. Configurations are thus a means to establish a connection to a change management system