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Nguyen, Tien N.; Munson, Ethan V.; Boyland, John T.; Thao, Cheng: Configuration Management for Designs of Software Systems; p.236-243 in: Proc. 12th IEEE Intl. Conf. and Workshops on Engineering of Computer-Based Systems (ECBS'05); 2005
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Abstract: Configuration management systems are traditionally concerned only with source code. However, in large-scale projects, capturing the evolution of design artifacts is crucial to the success of the software products. This paper presents a novel tool to provide version control and configuration management supports for design artifacts as well as specifications and documentations produced during a software life cycle. The tool is distinguished itself from existing ones by its ability to manage the evolution of the semantic relationships between design objects and implementation source code. This paper also describes the use of that tool in the Software Concordance integrated development environment to manage the evolution of software projects.