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Meyers, Bart; Vangheluwe, Hans: Evolution of Modelling Languages; p.43-47 in: Proc. Short Papers of 8th BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution seminar (BENEVOL 2009), December 17-18, 2009; 2009
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Abstract: In model-driven engineering, evolution is inevitable over the course of the complete life cycle of complex software-intensive systems and more importantly of entire product families. Not only instance models, but also entire modelling languages are subject to change. This is in particular true for domain-specific languages. Up to this day, modelling languages are evolved manually, with tedious and error-prone migration of for example instance models as a result. This position paper discusses the different evolution scenarios for various kinds of modelling artifacts, such as instance models, meta-models and transformation models. Subsequently, evolution is de-composed into four primitive scenarios such that all possible evolutions can be covered. We suggest that our structured approach will enable the design of (semi-)automatic model evolution solutions. (An early version of this work was previously presented at the Fujaba Days '09 workshop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands)