CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ MeGH2005ASE ]

Mehra, Akhil; Grundy, John; Hosking, John: A Generic Approach to Supporting Diagram Differencing and Merging for Collaborative Design;
p.204-213 in: Proc. 20th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'05), November 7-11, 2005, Long Beach, California, USA; IEEE Computer Society; 2005
Deskriptoren: CVSM, model:merging

Abstract: Differentiation tools enable team members to compare two or more text files, e.g. code or documentation, after change. Although a number of general-purpose differentiation tools exist for comparing text documents very few tools exist for comparing diagrams. We describe a new approach for realising visual differentiation in CASE tools via a set of plug-in components. We have added diagram version control, visual differentiation and merging support as component-based plug-ins to the Pounamu meta-CASE tool. The approach is generic across a wide variety of diagram types and has also been deployed with an Eclipse diagramming plug-in. We describe our approach's architecture, key design and implementation issues, illustrate feasibility of our approach via implementation of it as plug-in components and evaluate its effectiveness.