CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ MeEMC2010ME ]

Méndez, David; Etien, Anne; Muller, Alexis; Casallas, Rubby: Towards Transformation Migration After Metamodel Evolution;
p.84-89 in: Proc. ACM/IEEE 13th International Int.l Workshop on Models and Evolution. Co-located with 13th Int.l ACM/IEEE Conf. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Oslo, Norway - October 3-8, 2010;; 2010
Deskriptoren: CVSM, metamodel:evolution

Abstract: Metamodels evolve because of several reasons such as design refinement and software requirement changes. When this happens, transformations defined in terms of those metamodels might become inconsistent and migration would be necessary. Due to the lack of methodology support, transformation migration is mostly ad hoc and manually performed. Besides, the growing complexity and size of transformations make this task difficult and error prone. In this paper, we present some preliminary results of our current work in transformation migration.