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Meneses, Rafael; Casallas, Rubby: A Strategy for Synchronizing and Updating Models after Source Code Changes in Model- Driven Development;
p.16-26 in: Proc. Joint MoDSE-MCCM 2009 Workshop on Models and Evolution, 4-6th October 2009, Denver;; 2009
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Abstract: In this paper, we propose a model-based synchronization strategy to facilitate the updating of models according to source code changes into a model-driven approach. In the context of model-driven development, the source code generation is not complete; therefore, developers have to modify the generated source code to achieve entirely the system requirements. This evolution process causes a loss of synchronization between software models and code. Due to the lack of tools to support the evolution changes, the synchronization process is carried out manually. Our work focuses primarily on maintaining the software models and code representation of a system synchronized, facilitating the automatic propagation of changes made on the source code to the models from which it was generated. Our proposal is based on different model-driven approaches, such as AST model discovery, model traceability techniques, model-to-model transformations and model matching strategies.