CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ MaHT2000ASE ]

Malpohl, Guido; Hunt, James J.; Tichy, Walter F.: Renaming Detection;
p.73-80 in: Proc. 15th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2001), 26-29 November 2001, Coronado Island, San Diego, CA, USA; IEEE Computer Society; 2000
Library Entries: ACM Digital Library
Deskriptoren: CVSM, source code:differencing

Abstract: Finding changed identifiers in programs is important for program comparison and merging. Comparing two versions of a program is complicated if renaming has occurred. Textual merging is highly unreliable if; in one version, identifiers were renamed, while in the other version, code using the old identifiers was added or modified. A tool that automatically detects renamed identifiers between pairs of program modules is presented. The detector is part of a suite of intelligent differencing and merging programs that exploit the static semantics of programming languages. No special editor is needed for tracking changes. The core of the renaming detector is language independent. The detector works with multiple file pairs, taking into account renaming that affect multiple files. Renaming detectors for Java and Scheme have been implemented. A case study is presented that demonstrates proof of concept. With renaming detection, a higher quality of program comparison and merging is achievable.