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Marian, A.; Abiteboul, Serge; Cobena, Gregory; Mignet, L.: Change-Centric Management of Versions in an XML Warehouse;
p.581-590 in: Proc. 27th Intl. Conf. Very Large Data Bases: Roma, Italy, Sept. 2001; Morgan Kaufmann Publishers; 2001
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Abstract: We consider the management of changes in a Web Warehouse of XML data. Our approach is change-centric in that it focuses on deltas, i.e., the changes themselves vs. other approaches based on snapshots or integrated representations. We study a logical representation of changes based on deltas and some particular identifiers, XIDs. We consider implementation issues and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of several storage policies. Based on some requirements (certain functionalities that we want to support efficiently), we motivate the choice of our particular storage policy. It is based on storing the last version, "completed" forward deltas and on an original identification scheme for XML nodes. We report briefly on the status of an implementation within the Xyleme project.