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Mens, Tom: Conditional Graph Rewriting as a Domain-Independent Formalism for Software Evolution;
p.127143 in: Proc. Applications of Graph Transformations with Industrial Relevance, International Workshop, AGTIVE'99, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, September 1-3, 1999; Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1779 Springer; 2000
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Abstract: This paper presents a formal approach for managing unanticipated software evolution. Labelled typed nested graphs are used to represent arbitrarily complex software artifacts, and conditional graph rewriting is used for managing evolution of these artifacts. More specifically, we detect structural and behavioural inconsistencies when merging parallel evolutions of the same software artifact. The approach is domain-independent, in the sense that it can be customised to many different domains, such as software architectures, UML analysis and design models, and software code.