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Lin, Yuehua; Gray, Jeff; Jouault, Frédéric: DSMDiff: A Differentiation Tool for Domain-Specific Models; European Journal of Information Systems 16:4, Special Issue on Model-Driven Systems Development (Mark Lycett, Esperanza Marcos, and Veda Storey, eds.), August 2007, p.349-361; 2007
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Abstract: Model differentiation techniques, which provide the capability to identify mappings and differences between models, are essential to many model development and management practices. There has been initial research toward model differentiation applied to UML diagrams, but differentiation of domain-specific models has not been explored deeply in the modeling community. Traditional modeling practice using the UML relies on a single fixed general-purpose language (i.e., all UML diagrams conform to a single metamodel). In contrast, Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) is an emerging model-driven paradigm in which multiple metamodels are used to define various modeling languages that represent the key concepts and abstractions for particular domains. Therefore, domain-specific models may conform to various metamodels, which requires model differentiation algorithms be metamodel-independent and able to apply to multiple domain-specific modeling languages. This paper presents metamodel-independent algorithms and associated tools for detecting mappings and differences between domain-specific models, with facilities for graphical visualization of the detected differences.