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Leaño, Rafael; Casallas, Rubby; López, Nicolás: Using change intentions to guide evolution and versioning in Model Driven Development;
p.142-151 in: Proc. Joint MoDSE-MCCM 2009 Workshop on Models and Evolution, 4-6th October 2009, Denver;; 2009
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Abstract: Model Driven Development (MDD) provides a solution to meet industry requirements for software quality and development speed. MDD uses models as first-class entities in software development, and in this scenario, models are an active part of a development process and also of its evolution. Our experiences show that tracking model changes and maintaining and evolving generated and manual code are fundamental activities in the evolution of MDD implementations. Updating generated code is easy; however, automatically updating manually written code is unfeasible. In this paper we present a model versioning strategy where model analysts can characterize the intentions of changes; intentions are high level descriptions of the reasons and impacts of changes made in the models. We track intentions to the specific impacted code and assist developers in the process of maintaining the code. Our strategy helps to avoid inconsistencies caused by model changes by using the intention of changes as a first-class entity which guides model versioning and eases maintenance processes.