CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ KuGFE2008RZ3703 ]

Küster, Jochen M.; Gerth, Christian; Förster, Alexander; Engels, Gregor: Process Merging in Business-Driven Development; IBM Research Report RZ 3703 (# 99713) 02/18/08, 15p.; 2008
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Deskriptoren: CVSM, BPM, model:complex edit operations

Abstract: Business-driven development favors the construction of process models at different abstraction levels and by different people. As a consequence, there is a demand for consolidating different versions of process models by merging them. Process merging can be considered as a special case of model composition. However, in order to be applicable by a business user, process merging has to fulfill specific requirements such as user-friendliness and minimal manual intervention. In this paper, we present our approach to process merging. It is based on calculating differences and ordering them according to the underlying structure of process models. This allows to resolve differences in a particular user-friendly way by e.g. automating reconnection of inserted process elements.