CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ KoHW+2010ME ]

Kögel, Maximilian; Herrmannsdörfer, Markus; Wesendonk, Otto von; Helming, Jonas; Brügge, Bernd: Merging Model Refactorings - An Empirical Study -;
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Deskriptoren: CVSM

Abstract: Model-driven development promotes models as abstractions of a system from which the system code can be generated. As a consequence, many development activities such as refactoring have moved from the code- to the model-level. A model refactoring is a composite change - consisting of a series of model changes - that improves the model quality but does not change the system behavior. Version Control (VC) systems are applied to control change on models and to facilitate collaboration. Many of them are limited in their ability to detect composite changes and to use them for merging. To overcome these limitations, operation-based VC systems directly track the composite changes. In this paper, we present an empirical study to answer the following research questions: (1) Do developers produce a better merge result when merging with information about composite changes? (2) Do developers favor to discuss complex merges instead of being forced to solve them immediately? We show that merging can be improved significantly by information about composite changes, and that developers like to discuss merges when they reject changes from the repository.