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Amanuel Alemayehu Koshima; Vincent Englebert; Philippe Thiran: A Reconciliation Framework to Support Cooperative Work with DSM;
p.239-259 in: Domain Engineering - Product Lines, Languages, and Conceptual Models; Springer; 2013
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Abstract: Despite the fact that domain specific models (DSM) tools become very powerful and more frequently used, the support for their cooperation has not reached its full strength and the demand for model management is growing. In cooperative work, the decision agents are semi-autonomous and therefore a solution for reconciliating DSM after a concurrent evolution is needed. Computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) community proposes tools or techniques to ensure collaboration among general purpose modeling languages, but they do not usually give functionalities to support reconciliation and merging for asynchronous modifications. In addition, management of communications among members of a working group could also help to facilitate their collaboration. In this chapter, we propose a communication framework called DiCoMEF to manage exchanges of concurrently edited DSM models among a group of engineers. Besides, we present a reconciliation framework to merge concurrently evolved DSM models along with their metamodels.
Within this Chapter

   1. Introduction
   2. Collaborative Modeling
   3. Eclipse Modeling Framework
   4. DiCoMEF
   5. Related Work
   6. Future Works and Conclusion
   7. References