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Kolovos, Dimitrios S.: An Extensible Platform for Specification of Integrated Languages for Model Management; Submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The University of York; 2008
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Abstract: This thesis addresses the problem of integrated and uniform programmatic model management in Model Driven Engineering (MDE). An MDE process typically involves a number of models that are expressed using different modelling languages and technologies. In the context of an MDE process, many different operations such as validation, comparison, model-to-model transformation, model-to-text transformation, refactoring and merging need to be performed on such models in an automated manner. The hypothesis of this thesis is that these tasks can be supported in an integrated and uniform way by a platform that provides reusable core facilities and an extensible architecture that enables the construction of interoperable and consistent task-specific languages that share abstract and concrete syntax, operational semantics and implementation. To evaluate the validity of the hypothesis, such a platform has been designed and a reference implementation has been provided. Results obtained from relevant case studies in the ModelWare and ModelPlex EU projects as well as in the context of intenral and external collaborations validate the hypothesis as they demonstrate the significant reuse, interoperability and uniformity benefits of such an approach.