CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ Ko2008CVSM ]

Kögel, Maximilian: Towards Software Configuration Management For Unified Models;
p.19-24 in: Proc. 2008 ICSE Workshop on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models, May 17, 2008, Leipzig; ACM; 2008
Library Entries: ACM Digital Library
Deskriptoren: CVSM08, CVSM

Abstract: Change occurs throughout the software lifecycle. Software Configuration Management tools and techniques provide the foundation to effectively control change. With a growing number of approaches combining models from different domains into one unified, integrated model ([15], [12]), there is also an emerging demand for SCM techniques and methods that are able to support these unified models. Traditional SCM systems operating on the abstraction of a filesystem and managing change at the granularity of textual lines are not adequate for these requirements. We propose a novel approach to SCM for unified models combining product versioning, operation-based deltas and change packages. To demonstrate feasibility we have implemented our approach in Sysiphus a suite of tools for collaborating over Software Engineering artifacts represented in a unified model.