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Kehrer, Timo; Rindt, Michaela; Pietsch, Pit; Kelter, Udo: Generating Edit Operations for Profiled UML Models;
p.30-39 in: Proc. Intl. Workshop On Models And Evolution (ME 2013), Co-located with ACM/IEEE 16th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems;; ME2013
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Abstract: Since many tools for model-driven engineering (MDE) can only process consistent models, the consistency must be guaranteed by all tools which modify models, such as model editors, transformers, merge tools, etc. This is a recurring challenge for tool developers. An obvious solution of this challenge is to use a common library of consistency-preserving edit operations for modifying models. Typical meta-models lead to several 1000 edit operations, i.e. it is hardly possible to manually specify and implement so many edit operations. This problem is aggravated by UML profiles: Stereotyped model elements are implemented as complex data structures. This paper discusses several approaches to implementing edit operations on profiled models. Furthermore, it canvasses how to generate complete sets of specifications and implementations of edit operations.