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Kehrer, Timo; Pietsch, Christopher; Kelter, Udo; Strüber, Daniel; Vaupel, Steffen: An Adaptable Tool Environment for High-level Differencing of Textual Models;
p.62-72 in: OCL and Textual Modeling: Tools and Textual Model Transformations. Proc. 15th. Intl. OCL and Textual Modeling; CEUR Workshop Proceedings Vol-1512, urn:nbn:de:0074-1512-6; 2015
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Abstract: The use of textual domain-specific modeling languages is an important trend in model-driven software engineering. Just like any other primary development artifact, textual models are subject to continuous change and evolve heavily over time. Consequently, MDE tool chain developers and integrators are faced with the task to select and provide appropriate tools supporting the versioning of textual models. In this paper, we present an adaptable tool environment for high-level differencing of textual models which builds on our previous work on structural model versioning. The approach has been implemented within the SiLift framework and is fully integrated with the Xtext language development framework. We illustrate the adaptability and practicability of the tool environment using a case study which is based on a textual modeling language for simple web applications.