CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ KeKR2014ASE ]

Kehrer, Timo; Kelter, Udo; Reuling, Dennis: Workspace Updates of Visual Models;
p.827-830 in: Proc. 29th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'14), 15-19 September 2014, Västerås, Sweden; ACM; 2014
Library Entries: ACM Digital Library
Deskriptoren: CVSM, PI, model:patch, model:complex edit operations

Abstract: In MDE, large models must be collaboratively developed in teams. Collaboration is usually supported by optimistic versioning based on workspaces and a repository. Workspace copies of a model are synchronized with the repository version by an update function. Most update functions currently available compromise the consistency of a model. We present a new approach which guarantees updated models to be consistent and processable by standard visual editors without post-processing. Our approach assumes changes in the repository to be represented as a consistency-preserving edit script. This edit script is executed in a controlled, interactive manner on the workspace copy. Unlike 3-way merging, our approach needs no conflict analysis. Conflicts are detected and resolved interactively. Our approach offers improved usability and requires less implementation effort than existing approaches.