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Kaur, Parminder; Singh, Hardeep: Version Management and Composition of Software Components in Different Phases of Software Development Life Cycle; ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 34:3 (July 2009); 2009
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Abstract: The key factor of component-based software development is the composition of pre-fabricated components. Although research efforts have focused on this issue, yet the optimal performance of component-based systems has not been achieved. If the concept of version management is introduced along with composition technology then it will help in locating the component mismatch in the earlier stages of software development life cycle. This paper analyses the significance of version management and composition of software components in different phases like analysis phase, design phase and deployment phase of software development life cycle. A comparative analysis of different available component models like COM, .NET, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), CORBA, SOFA, UML 2.0 and Web Services with respect to these two issues is also discussed.