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Jackson, Andrew; Barais, Olivier; Jézéquel, Jean-Marc; Clarke, Siobhán: Towards a Generic and Extensible Merge Operator; Workshop Models and Aspects, ECOOP 2006, Nantes, France; 2006
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Abstract: Merging is a common way to compose both crosscutting and non-crosscutting models. In this paper, we argue that merge can be defined more generically as an operator at the meta-modelling level. By describing merge at this level, a merge operator can be used to compose models based on meta-models other than UML. There are various merge variants and we concede that a full unification of all merge semantics may be infeasible. To define a common merge, we propose the definition of a common merge kernel as a semantic base that can be extended to realise the different expressions of merge.