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Hunt, James J.; Vo, Kiem-Phong; Tichy, Walter F.: Delta Algorithms: An Empirical Analysis; ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 7:2, April 1998, p.192-214; 1998
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Abstract: Delta algorithms compress data by encoding one file in terms of another. This type of compression is useful in a number of situations: strong multiple versions of data, displaying differences, merging changes, distributing updates, storing backups, transmitting video sequences, and others. This article studies the performance parameters of several delta algorithms, using a benchmark of over 1,300 pairs of files taken from two successive releases of GNU software. Results indicate that modern delta compression algorithms based on Ziv-Lempel techniques significantly outperform diff, a popular but older delta compressor, in terms of compression ratio. The modern compressors also correlate better with the actual difference between files without sacrificing performance.