CVSM Bibliography, Entry [ HeVW2011SLEr ]

Herrmannsdörfer, Markus; Vermolen, Sander D.; Wachsmuth, Guido: An Extensive Catalog of Operators for the Coupled Evolution of Metamodels and Models;
p.163-182 in: Software Language Engineering, 3rd Intl. Conf., SLE 2010,Eindhoven, The Netherlands, October 12-13, 2010, Revised Selected Papers; LNCS 6563/2011, Springer; 2011
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Deskriptoren: CVSM, metamodel:evolution

Abstract: Modeling languages and thus their metamodels are subject to change. When a metamodel is evolved, existing models may no longer conform to it. Manual migration of these models in response to metamodel evolution is tedious and error-prone. To significantly automate model migration, operator-based approaches provide reusable coupled operators that encapsulate both metamodel evolution and model migration. The success of an operator-based approach highly depends on the library of reusable coupled operators it provides. In this paper, we thus present an extensive catalog of coupled operators that is based both on a literature survey as well as real-life case studies. The catalog is organized according to a number of criteria to ease assessing the impact on models as well as selecting the right operator for a metamodel change at hand.